XP Tiny

How to get IPX / SPX work in XP Tiny

I spent a few hours finding out, how to install
nwlink ipx / spx netbios protocol into windows 
xp tiny rev. 2 and because I found nothing on 
google, maybe this tutorial will help someone...

You will need the Windows XP installation CD, then 
make some folder on your harddrive, 
and copy these files from CD rom to it :


These files can be found in the I386 folder. Next step 
is to decompress them. From the location where are they 
stored, run this command : 

for %f in (*.??_) do expand %f -r

If it is too difficult to use the command prompt and type
hardly understandable commands for you, you can use WinRAR.

Copy the two dlls and sys files to Windows\System32 folder.
I am not sure whether all the sys files are necessary and
you can try to skip some of them.

Now, the final step : Show the properties of your LAN 
connection (right click on Local area network icon 
located in Network connections window). From General tab 
click Install... select Protocol and click Add... From 
the select network protocol choose Have disk... then 
browse for the netnwlnk.inf and continue installation. 

Yeah, now I can play bomberman on LAN !

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